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NPCGOLD.COM provides services for the sale of virtual goods on private WoW servers - the sale of game currency (gold).


You understand and agree that is not responsible for blocking your account, resetting your account in the game, a virtual account associated with the game (WoW), a rollback of the game currency (gold). The rules of the game are forbidden to buy services of third-party resources that improve the characteristics of your account. character in the game, etc.

By purchasing any of our services, you accept that NPCGOLD.COM can not be held responsible for any in- game restrictions.


Once you have bought and received the game gold / service, we are in no way obliged to offer any refund in the event of a buyer's remorse.


NPCGOLD.COM accept only secure payments method: PayPal; Web-Money; Qiwi; Yandex-Money.


After the client has paid the bill on our website, we will check the order, and proceed to issue the goods - this is the game currency (gold) or game items.

Estimated delivery time:
Virtual currency (gold) and game items on average we deliver for 15 minutes - 1 hour.

NPCGOLD.COM is located in time zone: GMT / UTC + 5. Usually we work online from 08:00 to 23:00 GMT / UTC + 5.

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We will refund all costs if the service has not been rendered within 24 hours.
Also we can cancel the order and return the funds to your account if you change your mind. We have a partial refund money.

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